Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First look: Narcos game "Cartel Wars" app for iPhone and Android - Gameplay...

Power. Steadfastness. Fighting. Item. It's all reasonable diversion when you run your own cartel in the official round of NARCOS.

Venture into the risky and exciting part of cartel kingpin in the official round of the hit TV program NARCOS. Settle on driving through crude power or assembling regard through faithfulness. Now and again awful individuals do great things… In the end you should choose, will it be "Plata o Plomo"?

NARCOS – Learn the ropes of running an operation from El Patron himself and deal with your "relationship" with the powers through specialists Murphy and Pena. Enter the universe of Narcos with energizing occasions and overhauls of substance from the appear.

Select and manufacture – Choose Plata and contract sicarios and construct your protections. Gather diverse sicarios, level them up and have them safeguard your base and add rewards to creation.

Take up arms – Choose Plomo and send sicario drove demise squads to assume control high esteem assets from other player cartels.

Benefit – Develop your operation by working out your wilderness finca with preparing plants and labs. Select carrying lines and plans to amplify income.

Partnerships – Team up with different players to shape cartels, lay attack to adversary cartel mixes in multi-day crusades for mastery.

There is cash and energy to be made. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, no place is sheltered.


Narcos is an inside take a gander at the men who might remain absolutely determined to bring down the cocaine drug rulers. From the Colombian government to the DEA operators, from the policemen who might hazard their lives to the US authorities who might turn the story. Narcos is an unfiltered investigate the war that would change the medication exchange until the end of time.

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